Special investment contract was introduced for investors as a new measure of support in the Saratov Region

В Саратовской области для инвесторов появилась новая мера поддержки в виде специального инвестиционного контракта

Saratov Oblast Duma enacted the Saratov Region Law «On amendments to some legislative acts of the Saratov Region and regulation the field of legislation on taxes and fees in respect of the taxpayer, which concluded the special investment contract.

As noted Minister Oleg Galkin, this Law implies a lower tax rates on property tax organizations (0.1%) and the tax benefit organizations (for taxpayers who have special investment contract at the regional level — 13.5% rate, at the federal level — 5% rate).
Besides, Law guarantees the stability of tax conditions to regional special investment contracts for their duration. 

Recently was signed the Saratov Region Government Resolution «On special investment contracts», which approves the rules of special investment contracts at the regional level without the participation of the Russian Federation, including the identification of persons who may be partners of the contract, and content of the contract with the form of monitoring its performance. The decision also approves form of the contract itself. 

Investors are primarily interested in implementing new investment projects in the region with help of this state support, including the «CPP Himprominzhiniring», LLC «NPP Plateks», LLC «SNF Flopam» and others. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly offered to establish the right of Government of the Russian Federation to purchase on a sole-source basis until 30% of production through special investment contracts, established under the special investment contracts. 

Currently, it is planned to hold an extended meeting of the Collegium of the regional Ministry of Industry and Energy, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, executive authorities of the region, heads of region enterprises to get acquainted with the new measure of support.