The «Roadmap» of the investment project LLC «VolgaHydro» was signed

Подписана «дорожная карта» инвестиционного проекта ООО «ВолгаГидро»

On 26 January, 2017, The CEO of LLC “VolgaHydro”, GüntherJengel'butceder, and the Head of Saratov Customs, Sergei Ovsyannikov, signed the “Roadmap” onthe investment project – construction of the Hydroturbine equipment factory in Balakovo.

Realization of more than 60 investment projects within the Saratov region will be continued in 2017. Total investment volume exceeds 200 billion rubles. The projects covers joint “Russia-Austria” construction of Hydroturbine equipment factory in Balakovo.

Foundation the world's largest enterprise in the Saratov Region was launched in June last year costing 2.5 billion rubles. The factory builders are now preparing for equipment supply and installation.

It is necessary to ensure the continuity of imported goods during the implementation of the investment project, to provide adequate storage facilities and organize in-time delivery to the place of installation.

Without co-operation with the Customs Management, it is a kind of problematic.
“Roadmap” helps to solve the issues of Customs administration and to perform interaction between constructing enterprise and Customs Services. Moreover, the signed document allows dynamic implementation of the project and reduces investor's temporary and financial costs.