Investment card

An investment contract was signed between the JSC “Saratovstroysteklo” and the Investment Policy and Property Relations Committee

Состоялось подписание инвестиционного договора с АО «Саратовстройстекло» title=

In the Investment Policy and Property Relations Committee of the Saratov Region, an investment contract was signed with the JSC "Saratovstroysteklo", which implements an investment project on the construction of a line for low-emissivity glass production (energy saving).

The enterprise is planning to expand the product range of its new high-tech product in both Russian and foreign markets.

Low-emissivity glass is a special coating glass deposited on one of the surfaces. It reflects the infrared far radiation (thermal energy), thus increasing the insulation of the glazing and energy efficiency, both for the heating of the premises in winter and for cooling in daylight savings time. Low-emissivity glass is relatively neutral in appearance, so it is widely used in both administrative and residential buildings.

There are currently 5 enterprises in Russia, producing glass with soft, low-emissivity coatings. There is only one enterprise with russian capital – JSC “Salavatsteklo”, other producers are representatives of foreign transnational corporations.

Minister of the Region, Oleg Galkin said that the project has moved to the stage of active implementation this year. Output is planned for the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2018, the annual output will be 8.0 million sq. meters. It is planned to invest 1.5 billion rubles in the project. 

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