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Online broadcasting of new Saratov Airport construction

За строительством нового аэропорта Саратова можно наблюдать «онлайн» title=

Internet users can monitor the construction of new Saratov Airport complex by video stream.

The service is available on official site of the project "Construction of new international airport “Centralny” in "Translation" section:

Online broadcast lets you monitor the construction of new airport passenger terminal and service buildings.

"Aware of the importance and public attention to the project, we seek to provide inhabitants of the region with relevant information on key developments in new Saratov Airport construction", noted the Director of Strategic Communications of  "Airports of Regions", Evgeny Krasikov. –"A video on the official website will enable all those who wish to observe in real time stages of construction the passenger terminal and other buildings until they have been completed".

Construction of new international airport “Centralny” is the largest infrastructure project in the Saratov Region. It is carried out near Saburovka Village of the Saratov Region (20 km north of Saratov). The new airport construction project is implemented through a public-private partnership within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of the russian transport system (2010-2020 )". Put into operation – 2019

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