The Government of the Saratov region has signed an agreement on the construction of an aquapark

Правительство Саратовское области подписало соглашение по строительству аквапарка

In the framework of the first Saratov Economic Forum, the Oblast Government and «Kvarsys Invest» signed an agreement on cooperation in the construction of a health complex with an aqua park.

The document was signed by the Governor of the region Valery Radaev and the director of the investor company Natalia Mukhanova. The agreement provides for a total area of the water park - 35 000 sq.m. and a hotel that will have 250 rooms.

Earlier in Novosibirsk, minister Oleg Galkin negotiated with the chairman of the board of the «Kvarsys» Group Petr Ovchinnikov if it was possible to build an aquapark in Saratov by the investor company. Then the minister stressed that the water park would be approximately similar to «Aquamir» of Novosibirsk, which, in turn, includes the largest artificial sea in Russia with an area of ​​1000 square meters. meters, 153 attractions, 70 pools and jacuzzi, 13 slides with a total length of 1 km. The facility is able to take up to 3000 people at a time.

"The project is unique and large-scale for the region. The water park will become the future attraction of the residents of the region, as well as a comfortable recreation area for arriving tourists. At the same time it will bring investment, tax revenues and new jobs, " - Oleg Galkin concluded on the forum results.