In the Saratov region will build Russia's first enterprise for the production of sanitary paper from wheat straw

В Саратовской области построят первое в России предприятие по производству санитарно-гигиенической бумаги из пшеничной соломы

On December 2, a workshop was held on the creation of environmentally friendly production for processing rye and wheat straw in the Saratov region with an investment of 1.8 billion rubles.

Discussion of a new investment project «SPK» Kurnikov» LLC was chaired by first Deputy Chairman of the regional Government - Minister of Finance of area Vadim Oykin with participation of the head of the district Ivan Baboshkin, the relevant Ministers, development Corporation region, as well as foreign guests. The parties confirmed their readiness to provide comprehensive support in the implementation of a new investment project of national scale.

«Attracting investment and in General the development of investment activities are priorities for us. We welcome new partners and ready to provide the necessary assistance for the successful implementation of investment projects on the territory of the region», the meeting was opened by Vadim Oykin.

The land plot for the production of the new shop is already owned by the initiator of the project, on the territory of which it is planned to create about 60 jobs. The main use of the product from rye and wheat straw-napkins, toilet paper and paper towels. The product can also be used for the production of paper as a substitute for leafy sulphate pulp, which will have a positive impact on the environmental situation in the region due to the absence of chemical waste. The start of construction of the enterprise is planned in 2020.

During the workshop, a scientist from the UK Nafisi Shahriar, who owns the idea of creating a shop, spoke about the unique patented technology of processing wheat and rye straw, and guests from China shared the successful mechanisms of this project in the province of China - Shandong. In addition, the foreigners demonstrated ready-made samples of the created products.

For the purpose of practical implementation of the project in November of this year, an agreement was reached with Chinese partners on the supply of modern equipment for new production. At present, the town-planning and land documentation is brought into compliance for the beginning of the project preparation.