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The Development Corporation s event was held with experts from the Rosreestr Office and the Cadastral Chamber of Saratov Region

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The Development Corporation continues a series of events aimed at constructive interaction between government and business and contributing to the development of the entrepreneurial and investment climate in Saratov region.

On August 26, at the site of the Development Corporation, the event was held with representatives of the Rosreestr Office and the Cadastral Chamber of Saratov region. The meeting was attended by Ekaterina Belichenko (Deputy Head of the Rosreestr Office), Natalia Terekhova (Deputy Director - Chief Technologist of the Cadastral Chamber), Olga Sergeeva (Head of the Interdistrict Department of the Cadastral Chamber).

The event was held face-to-face in a question-and-answer format and an on-line broadcast of the zoom conference.

Within the framework of the event, they discussed issues related to the real estate registration, land plots, participation in shared ownership, receipt of electronic services and Rosreestr services.

Deputy Head of the Rosreestr Office Ekaterina Belichenko focused in her speech on strategic development areas, the main of which is the transformation of Rosreestr into an advanced digital client-oriented department.

“In this direction, a systematic multifaceted work is being carried out, which, ultimately, is aimed at simplifying registration procedures and eliminating administrative barriers in registering real estate,” she stressed.

The Department Representatives spoke about the its innovations. Thus, Rosreestr adopted 12 regulations over the past year. First of all, this is the "garage amnesty" law, which allows garages and garage areas for individual use; as well as the elaboration of a dacha amnesty draft law ("Dacha amnesty 2.0). It offers real estate registration in the absence of properly executed title documents on land plots and in the presence of title documents in old design. In addition, amendments were made to the legislation, simplifying the procedure for registering real estate.

Representatives of the Cadastral Chamber explained in detail the procedure for providing demanded services, such as on-site reception and courier delivery of documents.

The meeting participants received comprehensive answers to their questions, including the registration of a land plot allocated as a share, the question of the possibility of changing the type of permitted use for a plot of land for rent, etc.

“This our meeting is the first, but, we hope, not the last. We will continue our cooperation. Such meetings are necessary on a regular basis, " Alexander Marchenko said following the meeting.

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