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5) How can an investor implement a regional investment project in the Saratov region: where to apply, what you need to know and what nuances there may be

Как инвестору реализовать региональный инвестиционный проект на территории Саратовской области: куда обращаться, что необходимо знать и какие могут быть нюансы title=

Organizations implementing investment projects in the region can pay taxes (income tax) (apply corporate income tax relief) at a reduced rate. To do this, you must submit documents for inclusion in the register of participants in regional investment projects (RIP).

The result of the implementation of the RIP should be the production of goods, on the profit from the sale of which it is possible to apply a preferential rate.

Assigning the status of a RIP participant gives the right to apply tax benefits:

Investors implementing a regional investment project (RIP) can pay income tax until January 1, 2027 at a reduced tax rate of 10%, which is two times less than the main one:

·         the federal income tax rate is reduced from 3% to 0%

·         the regional income tax rate is reduced from 17% to 10%

Requirements for inclusion in the register of participants in a regional investment project:

·         the volume of investments should be at least 50 million rubles disbursed within 3 years from the date of inclusion of the project in the RIP register and at least 500 million rubles disbursed within 5 years from the date the project was included in the register of RIP;

·         the investor must ensure the creation of at least 30 new jobs by the end of the project implementation period and an annual increase in the organization`s personal income tax revenue by at least 4% from the date of project financing.

An application for inclusion in the RIP register submitted before is mastered the investment!

The investment project can’t be directed to:

·         extraction and (or) processing of oil, extraction of natural gas and (or) gas condensate, provision of services for the transportation of oil and (or) oil products, gas and (or) gas condensate;

·         production of excisable goods (except for cars and motorcycles);

·         carrying out activities for which the tax rate for corporate income tax in the amount of 0% is applied.

An organization implementing a regional investment project must meet the following criteria:

·         the production of goods within the framework at the project is carried out on the territory of one subject of the RF;

·         each regional investment project is implemented by a single participant;

·         the LE is registered in the territory of the subject of the RF in the territory of the project;

·         there are no separate subdivisions of LE outside the territory of the subject;

·         the LE is not a member of the consolidated group of a taxpayers;

·         the LE doesn`t use special tax regimes and isn`t a resident of the SEZ/TASED;

·         the LE isn`t a non-profit organization, a bank, an insurance organization, a non-state fund, a professional participant in the securities market, a clearing organization;

·         the LE wasn`t previously included in the register of the RIP and isn`t the legal successor of the RIP.

Procedure for the implementation of a regional investment project:

1)      include the organization in the register of RIP participants;

2)      start project implementation;

3)      achieve set targets;

4)      get tax breaks on profits from the production of declared goods

RIP is valid until 01/01/2027.

This support measure is provide for in Article 284.3 of the TC of the RF. An appropriate regulatory framework has been create in the region – the Low of the Saratov Region dated April 27, 2020 No. 41-LSR «On Certain Issues of Taxation in the Implementation of Regional Investment Projects in the Saratov Region».

Where to go for more information:

Assistance and help to investors at all stages of the implementation of investment projects being implemented or planned for implementation on the territory of the Saratov region, on the basis of the «one stop shop» principle, is carried out by JSC «Corporation for the Development of the Saratov Region».

Full information about benefits and preferences operating in the region can be obtaining by an investor from the Development Corporation.

Support of investment projects by the Corporation is carried out within the framework of the Support Agreement concluded with the investor.

To get support, you need:

·         Send an application with the attachment of the available documents to the e-mail address: and conclude an agreement on the support of an investment project being implemented or planned for implementation

·         or fill out the form on the official website of the Saratov Region Development Corporation:

Additional advice can be obtaining by phone: +7 (8452) 79-69-96

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