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The Saratov region plans to expand economic cooperation with the Republic of Belarus.

Саратовская область планирует расширять экономическое сотрудничество с республикой Беларусь title=

The Director of the Saratov region development Corporation A. Marchenko on May 17, adopted by the accident in meeting deputy Minister of economic development of Russia D. Volvat with deputy Minister of economic development Minister of economy of the Republic of Belarus A. Abramenko on trade relations and problems arising in the interaction of business circles of two countries.

The representation of Russian regions, domestic and Belarusian companies were attended in the discussion of issues. The event was held in the format of VCC.

During the meeting A. Marchenko invited colleagues from the government of the Republic of Belarus to another once consider the possibility of placing Assembly production of agriculture machinery PJS «Amcodor» company in Saratov region.

«Of course, in the current economic and political conditions, demand for development increases activities of agriculture enterprises, which requires the creation of providing production in the field of agro-industrial complex, including production of quality agriculture machinery», - A. Marchenko noted in his speech.

Following the negotiations, a subsequent meeting of the development Corporation with representatives PJS «Amcodor».

Belarusian colleagues expressed interests in the development of their projects in the region and planned to work out the possibility of placing production on the territory of Saratov area.

The development Corporation, on its part, will provide results of research on potential capacity market, will assist in obtaining measures of state (regional) support in attracting financing of the project and creating a maximum favouring regime, including application tax and rental benefits.

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