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The government launched a special program of concessional lending for purchases of priority import industry.

Правительство запустило специальную программу льготного кредитования закупок приоритетной импортной продукции title=

The government decided to support the purchase of imported products important for the economy and citizens. Importers will be able to take advantage of a special concessional lending program. Prime Minister M. Mishustin signed the decree.

We are talking about issuing concessional loans at a rate of no more than 30% of the key rate of the CB plus three percentage points. As M. Mishustin clarified when announcing the launch of the program at a government meeting, in the current conditional this is a little more than 7%. The difference will be compensated to banks by subsides from the federal budget.

The period for which importers can obtain such resources will depend on the purpose of the loan. For the purchase of raw materials and components, the preferential rate will be valid for one year. For equipment and means of production – three years. In the list of priority imported products approved by the decree, including food products, medicines, pharmaceutical products, vehicles, building materials, various machine tools, agriculture machines, electronics.

A new support tool well help enterprises reduce operating costs and ensure the supply of all necessary goods and resources.   

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