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Food security of the region will be provided by a new agro-industrial wholesale and logistic center.

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Another project supported by the Corporation received a construction resolution.

AOLK "Foodport" is a modern wholesale and food market, which is being created in Saratov, in the Ust-Kurdyum region, on a plot with a total area of 17 hectares. The construction area will be 30-35 thousand square meters.

The convenient location of the facility will completely solve the issues with the availability of both freight and passenger transport on it.

The infrastructure of the center will include wholesale and retail markets, a logistics complex, a food mall and a food court, entertainment and children's playgrounds, parking for cars. Special attention will be paid to the creation of comfortable conditions for parking vehicles and temporary residence of farmers and sellers – a hotel, hostel and café with hot meals will be built for visiting suppliers.

Convenient logistics, smart storage systems, modern trading, conditions will allow Foodport to become both the largest food center for resident of Saratov and neighboring regions, and a convenient center for marketing and selling products for farmers from other regions. The zone of potential coverage includes the territories of the Samara, Penza, Tambov, Volgograd, Rostov, Astrakhan and Orenburg regions.

The creation of a wholesale and food market will make a significant contribution to ensuring the food security of the Saratov region. Entrepreneurs, farmers will be a comfortable platform for the sale of product, and resident of the region will receive a wide range of high-quality and fresh vegetables and fruits at affordable prices. This will lead to a decrease in wholesale prices for basic socially significant food products.

In addition, the creation of the center will solve a number of problems:

·         Stimulation of production and consumption of domestic food products

·         Quality origin and safety control of products

·         Increasing the volume of investments in the agro-industrial complex and the processing industry of the region

·         Support for domestic producers, small and medium-sized enterprises

·         Creation of a mechanism to counteract the restriction of competition, additional instruments of antimonopoly regulation

·         Formation of a "fair" price for agricultural products

·         Creation of modern jobs with the solution of labor migration issues Increasing the competitiveness of domestic agricultural producers

·         Ensuring financial transparency in the wholesale and logistics link

·         The total volume of own investments will be about 2 billion rubles.

·         At least 1,000 new jobs and more than 500 trading places will be create.

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