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In the Saratov region, the largest production and logistics center Wildberries will be built

В Саратовской области построят крупнейший производственно-логистический центр Wildberries.  title=

Trading giant will build in the region a set of over 100 km2. Here they will be sort and store goods, arrange shipping and return processing. The agreement was signed by the Acting Governor of the Saratov Region R. Busargin and general director of the Company T. Bakalchuk.

 The Wildberries' investments in the project will amount to 8 billion rubles. The new hub, after its launch at full capacity, will create up to 5 thousand jobs. Currently, there is a selection of a site for the placement of the center.

«The Development Corporation of the Saratov Region is accompanying this project. The conclusion of the agreement was preceded by a lot of comprehensive work. We were able to offer comfortable conditions for the investor and achieve results, although the territories of many regions were considered for the implementation of the project.

The arrival of such a major player as Wildberries will give a comprehensive positive effect on the regional economy. Firstly, it is a great potential for the growth of e-commerce. Secondly, such centers become hubs and pull up those who can’t only set something, but also produce something, so the creation of the logistics center should be of interest to both local producers who are already working in the region and entrepreneurs from neighboring regions. At the moment 4760 entrepreneurs from the region sell their products on Wildberries, compared to last year, their number has increased by 3 times. However, the number of new jobs created will be even more significant for the Saratov Region», said A. Marchenko, Director of the Saratov Region Development Corporation.

«The world rapidly moving in the direction e-commerce. The realization of such large-scale investment projects in the Saratov region indicates that there is a favorable environment for the development of e-commerce in the region. The creation of such infrastructure facilities is a huge opportunity for the region: capital investments in the territory, new jobs, the development of trade an increase in the volume of cargo turnover, and transport services. For our enterprises, organizations, entrepreneurs this is primarily an opportunity to scale up sales and sell their goods not only throughout Russia, but also abroad. Moreover, this logistics platform pulls up those who, can only sell something, but also produce something», explained N. Panferova, chairman of the Saratov regional branch of «OPORA RUSSIA», who will bring to the economic development of the region.

For reference

The Wildberries is the largest online retailer in Russia, founded in 2004. To date, the company operates in 20 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, USA, Baltic countries, etc.

The turnover of the Wilberries in 2021 increased by 93% and reached 844 billion rubles. At the beginning of 2022, more than 500 thousand entrepreneurs and complainers were registered on the platform, of which 400 thousand came during 2021. Every day, 4 million orders are placed on the Wildberries, the monthly audience of the online retailer is over 113 million users (MAU).

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