Guarantees & Support

Government support in 2020

In 2020, state support was provided to legal organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the form of regional tax benefits and subsidies. According to the results of 2020, the state support was applied to:

  • 20 recipients of regional tax benefits
  • more than 1.2 thousand recipients of regional subsidies in the field of industry and agriculture

The territory of advanced socio-economic development in the city of Petrovsk

In 2017 in the city of Petrovsk was organized the territory of advanced socio-economic development .
The territory of advancing socio-economic development is a part of the territory of the Russian Federation, which established a special legal system for business and other activities in order to create profitable conditions for attracting investments, ensuring accelerated socio-economic development and creation of comfortable conditions to ensure the life of the people.

For more information on how to become a resident of the TOSER Petrovsk, see the booklet.

Special Economic Area

The special economic area is located on the territory of three municipalities: in Saratov, Engels and Balakovsky districts, which allows potential residents to choose the most convenient site for production, based on the requirements for engineering and technical infrastructure and logistics, the sites do not require large-scale building costs and are already ready to accept new projects.
For more information about the special economic area, see the booklet

Tax exemptions for investors

The investors implementing the investment project within the region area receive tax exemptions according to the legislation on taxes and fees:

  • a transportation tax exemption for the period of five years;
  • a reduction of the company’s profit tax rate for the part transferred to the regional budget funds from 18 % to 13,5 % for the period of five years;
  • a reduction of the company’s property tax rate from 2,2 % to 0,1 % for the period of five years.

Special investment contract

Special investment contract involves the establishment of lower tax rates on the organization's property tax (0.1%) and on the organizations profit tax (for taxpayers who have concluded special investment contract on the regional level – at the rate of 13.5 per cent, at the federal level – 5 per cent). In part of the regional legislation the stability of the tax conditions is guaranteed to the participants in the region's special investment contracts for their duration.


There are different types of state support for the industry in the Saratov region


Consulting and informational support

The Saratov Region provides consulting and informational support to investors

Консультационная и информационная поддержка

Provision of land for large priority investment projects without bidding (rent)

Priority investment projects, in accordance with subparagraphs “a” and “b” of article 16, paragraph 2, of the Saratov Region Law 122-ZSO, dated 30 Sep. 2014, «On land»:

“a” Facilities that will allow a significant (0.5 per cent or more, but not less than 125 workplaces) to increase the number of jobs in the municipality.

“b” Facilities that will allow a significant (0.5 per cent or more, but not less than 2.5 million rubles) increase in annual revenues from taxes.

Provision of pledge fund facilities

Objects of pledge fund fund can be provided in order to enforce the obligations of investors attracted investment resources for investment projects in the region in accordance with the Saratov Region Law “On the Saratov Region pledge fund”.

Предоставление объектов залогового фонда
Новая модель работы ВЭБ 2.0 и АСИ с регионами

New VEB 2.0 and ASI work model with regions

The new model aims to create a broad project funnel to finance by VEB and transparent selection process. The regional managers chosen by ASI, as well as trained and certified VEB will play a key role in the selection and evaluation of investment projects (up to 3 managers in each region).

Development institutions

  1. Business-incubator of the Saratov Region
  2. Balakovo business-incubator
  3. Fund for the promotion of venture capital investment in small enterprises in the science and technology of the Saratov Region
  4. Business Support Center
  5. Export Support Center
  6. Technology transfer centres
  7. Seed investment fund of the Saratov Region
  8. Guarantee fund for small business entities of the Saratov Region
  9. Micro-credit fund for the small business entities of the Saratov Region
  10. Technology parks at leading universities

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