Social & Economic Development

Results of socio-economic development of the Saratov Region in 2017 

IThe index of industrial production in 2017 was 103.7%, including:

• extraction of minerals - 104.8%;

• processing industries - 105.4%;

• production and distribution of electricity, gas and steam, air conditioning - 99.8%;

• water supply; water disposal, organization of waste collection and disposal, and activities for the elimination of pollution - 102.8%.

In general, the Russian industrial production index in 2017 was 101.0%, in the Volga Federal District - 101.0%. According to operational data, among the subjects of the Volga Federal District, the Saratov Region in 2017 on this indicator took seventh place.

The volume of shipped goods of own production, performed works and services by own forces amounted to 474.2 billion rubles or 100.9% by 2016.

Output of agricultural products amounted to 173.8 billion rubles, which is 3.9% higher than the level of 2016.

As a whole, in the oblast farms of all categories produced: 180.5 thousand tons of meat (98.6% by 2016), 707.7 thousand tons of milk (100.0%), 961.0 million units. eggs (97.8%).

Gross harvest of grain in the initial-weighted weight (with corn) amounted to 6,061.0 million tons (137.9% against the level of 2016).

According to preliminary data for 2017, the Saratov region ranks first in the Volga Federal District in terms of gross grain harvest, sunflower seeds and vegetables.

The sown area of ​​agricultural crops in farms of all categories increased by 2.0% as compared to 2016.

The volume of works performed by the type of activity "Construction" amounted to 55.8 billion rubles, the index of physical volume - 95.7% to the level of 2016. In the region, due to all sources of financing, 1,210.0 thousand sq. M. m of housing or 93.5% to the level of 2016.

The turnover of retail trade amounted to 327.7 billion rubles (100.2% by 2016).

At the end of 2017, the inflation rate was 1.2%. Among the regions of the Volga Federal District, the fastest growing prices for goods and services were in the republics of Tatarstan and Mari El, Kirov, Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions - 2.0-3.1%. On average, the consumer price index in Russia was 102.5%, in the Volga Federal District - 101.9%.

Per capita incomes of the population for the month amounted to 19392.3 rubles (99.9% against the level of 2016). The average monthly salary amounted to 24,714.9 rubles and compared to 2016 grew by 3.9%.

The number of officially registered unemployed in the region as of January 1, 2018 was 11.2 thousand people.

By the end of 2017, 16,800 new jobs were created in the region.

Investment in fixed capital, billion dollars

Инвестиции анг.JPG

The volume of investments amounted to 145.5 billion rubles (100.5% against the level of 2016). Among the subjects of the Volga Federal District in terms of investment in fixed assets in 2017, the Saratov region 7 place.

The volume of investment in fixed assets per head of permanent population in 2017 amounted to 58,863 rubles.

Organizations without small business entities and the volume of investments not observed by direct statistical methods have utilized 89,793.2 million rubles, or 88.5% by 2016.

The volume of investment in fixed assets by types of economic activity of fixed assets (excluding small businesses and the volume of investments not observed by direct statistical methods) in 2017 was as follows:

• transportation and storage - 24.9%;

• provision of electrical energy, gas and steam; air conditioning - 18,7%;

• processing industries - 14.5%;

• activity on operations with real estate - 11.3%;

• extraction of minerals - 6.1%;

• agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming - 4.7%;

• information and communication activities - 3.9%;

• wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles and motorcycles - 3.0%, etc.

In 2017, more than 55 major investment projects with a total investment volume of over 48.1 billion rubles were completed.

Structure of investments in fixed capital by type of economic activity in 2017 , %

Основные фонды анг.JPG

In the course of 2017, 10 new investment agreements (investment projects) were concluded. The share of execution of investment agreements (investment projects) in the total volume was 100%. 16 projects were implemented jointly with development institutes.

The volume of attracted investments within the framework of public-private partnership projects implemented in the region in 2017 amounted to more than 350 million rubles.

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for January-September of 2017, the volume of foreign direct investment in the Saratov region amounted to 102 million dollars.

Foreign trade turnover in 2017, million dollars

экспорт импорт анг.JPG

In 2017, the foreign trade turnover amounted to $ 1,901.1 million.

In the commodity structure of exports of the Saratov region, the products of the chemical industry prevailed, rubber - 41.3% of the region's total exports, foodstuffs and raw materials - 25.7%, machine-building products - 14.1%, mineral products - 10.3%.

Supplies of organic chemical compounds increased by $ 56.9 million (+ 55.0%), vegetable fats and oils by $ 43.7 million (+ 33.2%), petroleum products by 40.5% USD million (+ 46.4%), cereals for 15.9 million USD (+ 61.3%).

Trading partners of the Saratov region in the reporting period were 101 countries, the main of which are far-abroad countries.

Their share in the trade turnover was 74.6%, including 69.2% in exports, in the import - 86.3%.

The largest trade partners of the region for export (77 countries) are: Turkey (13.8%), Germany (12.9%), Kazakhstan (9.5%), Brazil (7.9%); Azerbaijan (5.8%).

The key import partners for the region were (82 countries): China (16.2%), Germany (11.5%), Austria (9.7%), Malaysia (9.1%), Indonesia (7.5%).

The region retains a stable orientation of export supplies.

As a result of the year, 570 exporting enterprises were registered in the Saratov region.