Need for Investment
ФГУП «Консервный завод «ФСИН России»
ФГУП «Консервный завод «ФСИН России»

Federal state unitary enterprise "Tinned food factory "of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia", a workshop for production of dairy products, R. p. Bazarnyy Karabulak

  • Specialization of shop: production of whole-milk and sour-milk production.
  • The total area of buildings: 4 260 sq. m.
  • The sales value of the production capacity of 9.2 million rubles.
  • The cost of equipment sales is 3.6 million rubles.
Строительство завода по производству керамического кирпича мощностью 9 млн. штук в год

Construction of a plant producing ceramic brick

  • Investment project initiator: LLC “Volsky Brickyard”.
  • Place of realization: Volsk.
  • Range of planned products: brick, solid ordinary and thickened brick.

Строительство завода по переработке фосфогипса, производству гипсокартона и пазогребневых плит

Construction of the plant for processing phosphogypsum, gypsum board production and partition plates

  • Investment project initiator: LLC “Stroycomplect”.
  • Place of realization: Balakovo, Balakovsky district.
  • The project will organize production of drywall sheets and partition panels from raw materials (phosphogypsum) accumulated in piles of Balakovsky mineral fertilizersplant. The production capacity will reach 20000 thousand sq. metres drywall sheets and 468 thousand. sq.metres partition panels a year.   

ЗАО «Энгельсская мебельная фабрика»

Сlosed Joint Stock Company " Engels furniture factory"

EMFA - one of the largest factories for the production of kitchen and Cabinet furniture in the Saratov region. The company has a powerful technical Park, where 10,000 square meters is occupied by high-end equipment. In assortment of the company-over 30 programs of office, residential and kitchen furniture.
Предприятие по убою КРС и свиней (убойный цех)

Enterprise for cattle and pig slaughter (slaughter)

  • Production of high-quality products corresponding to russian and international standards and enjoys a high demand on the market.
  • High level of production automation, using the latest high-productivity technologies.
  • Investment required – 29.7 million rubles. 

Завод по переработке резинотехнических изделий

Rubber products processing plant

  • Project initiator: LLC “Saratov RPZ”.
  • Project location: The Saratov Region, Marks.
  • The project envisages construction of a plant for the processing of all types of tyres.
  • The plant will be applied one of the most modern and powerful technological lines for processing of rubber tires (LPSHK-2000).

Строительство завода по переработке макулатуры в бумагу и картон мощностью 60 тонн  в сутки

The construction of a plant for processing waste paper in paper and paperboard with a capacity of 60 tons per day

  • The volume of investments is 150-200 million rubles
  • The construction period of the plant is 1.5 - 2 years
  • Payback period - 3 years from the date of commissioning of the project
  • The total duration of the project is 4.5 - 5 years
ЗАО «Саратовский завод стройматериалов»

Closed joint stock company "Saratov plant of building materials»

The main activity of the company – production and sale of construction materials. The address location of site: Saratov-22, Factory area, near the village of Aleksandrovka. Form of ownership of land and buildings: property. The area of the plant is 26550 sq. m.
Создание высокопроизводительного промышленного производства по выпуску экспортно-направленной линейки продукции на основе глауконитов Саратовской области

Creation of high-performance industrial production for the production of export-oriented product line based on glauconites of the Saratov region

Initiator of the investment project: LLC "Ecosorbent". Total land area: 29 423 sq. m The volume of investments: 500 million rubles