Support Infrastructure

Saratov Chamber of Crafts

The main directions of activity of Saratov Chamber of Crafts:

  • art wood processing,
  • production of artistic pottery,
  • handmade carpet weaving and weaving,
  • decorative hand-painted prints and fabrics,
  • fusing (technique of sintering glass),
  • artistic mosaic of smalt,
  • art work with metal,
  • art work with wool,
  • working with beads (beading, embroidery),
  • carving and embroidery on eggshell,
  • manufacture of musical instruments, including Saratov harmonica and psalteries ,
  • soap and candles,
  • carved decoration and decoupage items,
  • lacquer miniature art,
  • jewelry,
  • souvenir coins and minting coins,
  • basket weaving and working with straws,
  • making traditional folk dolls,
  • art work with birch bark,
  • art work with veneer (marquetry),
  • working with ornaments from foamirana,
  • art work with leather,
  • stained glass windows and art glass painting,
  • other directions.
The main tasks of the Saratov Chamber of Crafts:
  • creation of conditions for the SME development in the crafts and folk art crafts sphere;
  • creation and development of handicraft infrastructure support;
  • promoting the training and upgrading SME in the crafts and folk art crafts sphere;
  • assisting SME in the handicrafts sphere during the realization of national art crafts products and promoting them on internal and external markets;
  • organization of SME participation in the sphere of crafts and folk art crafts exhibitions, trade fairs in Russian Federation and abroad.

6th floor, 186 Shelkovichnaya St., 410071 
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saratov Region