Support Infrastructure

Balakovo business incubator

The main tasks of the Balakovo business incubator:

  • Creation of favourable start-up conditions for the development of small businesses and an increase their contribution to the economy of the Balakovo and Balakovskiy municipal district.
  • Enhancing business innovation activity, introducing new technologies, creating and developing new competitive goods and services.
  • Small business management in the area of commercialization, providing better business conditions, managing innovative projects at all stages of the life cycle and their continued effective functioning.
  • Direct communication between small business and government and municipal authorities-organization through the interaction of business associations with municipal and regional legislative and executive authorities in order to develop best practices in addressing the current problems of SME, harmonization and representation of  entrepreneurs interests and their associations.
The services provided by the business incubator include integrated and qualified support for small business subjects at various stages of development:
  • The provision of comfortable office space.
  • Information management, service delivery.
  • Financial and economic support for business, using different forms and sources of funds.
  • Promotion of products to the market, including marketing, advertising and exhibition activities.
  • Post-secretarial, dispatch services.
  • Advisory services on: taxation, accounting, credit, legal protection and enterprise development, business planning, skills development and training, promotion of services.
  • Training programmes and seminars.
  • Provision of a conference room for seminars, presentations, business meetings and conferences, as well as negotiating rooms equipped with modern multimedia technology.
  • Assistance in organizing business events, participation in exhibitions, forums.
  • Communication with the organizations (committees, public boards, foundations, etc.).
  • Comfortable and fully equipped workplace (place) in a rented office.
  • With the low rent levied on the resident of the business incubator, as well as the provision of office equipment and furniture, entrepreneurs have a significant savings in the money needed at the stage of the company's development.
  • All tenants are provided with an electronic communication, as well as in face-to-face meetings, information on upcoming refresher courses, seminars, webinar.
  • The possibility of using an conference complex (conference room, cabinet of meetings) equipped for various levels of complexity.
  • Secure parking with access control system.
  • The building is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system.
  • Professional accountants and lawyers will always help to make the necessary documents quickly and easily.

63A Minskaya St., Balakovo, the Saratov Region
Telephone/Fax: 8 (8453) 62-16-33, 62-09-70