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The main priorities for the Saratov region are and will be a sustainable economy, attracting investments, the creation of a developed infrastructure, the well-being of residents. Today we are actively building new roads, industrial enterprises, schools, medical centers. We set records in agriculture and go out to foreign markets. We have advanced ideas, innovations, a strong production and human resources base.

The region pursues a consistent investment policy. Together with our partner, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, we have formed new standards and road maps for working with the investor. The Development Corporation, which is being created in the region, and the annual Saratov Interregional Economic Forum will also contribute to the improvement of the business climate.

Expansion of the huge investment potential of the region we associate with the implementation of the largest infrastructure projects - the construction of an international airport, territory of advanced social and economic development in a monocity Petrovsk, Saratov agglomeration. These and many other projects set the modern spatial and economic development of municipalities, using their advantages, providing employment, improving the well-being of people.

All this great work gives meaningful results: the region becomes comfortable for life, interesting for business, attractive for investments. The Saratov region sets ambitious goals and looks confidently into the future.

V.V. Radaev, Governor of the Saratov region


The Saratov region is a modern, dynamically developing region, possessing a whole bundle of competitive advantages.

Simultaneous synergy of profitable location, unique climate and abundance of environmental resources creates an arrangement for development of powerful industrial and agricultural potential, as well as launching business and manufacturing of goods and services. 

The Saratov region is characterized by proximity to the Moscow region (858 km), availability of the long State border with Republic of Kazakhstan (550 km) and approach to PR of China and Central Asia.

Инвестиционный потенциал
Научный потенциал

Scientific potential

  • 18 educational institutions of higher and higher vocational education 
  • 60 enterprises engaged in research and development
  • 54 professional educational organizations 
  • 7 scientific institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
  • 27 industry research institutes and organizations

Свободные земли

Available land

Investors manifest a significant interest on availability of considerable quantity of land parcels of agricultural designation, as well as industrial areas equipped with associated infrastructure of low price and low cost. Regional land resources amount to 10 mln ha.

Месторасположение и логистика

Location and logistics

  • Saratov is a huge transport hub, connecting the region with Ural, Siberia and Central Asia.
  • Two international transport corridors (“North-South” and “West-East”) promote creation of multimodal transport hub, including infrastructural objects of railway, highway, waterway transportation, commercial aviation and transport terminals, oil and gas pipeline.
  • The Saratov region is a “Russian gates” to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
  • Construction of new international airport “Centralny”, as well as western bypass of Saratov transport hub of the Volga railway will move logistics to a new age.

Строительство международного аэропорта «Гагарин»

Construction of new international airport “Gagarin”

The new airport provides possibilities for reception of all-type of modern long-distance vessels, increasing volumes of passenger and cargo traffic. 

The flight strip size

 – 3000х45 m ,

 acceptance rate – up to 1 mln passengers per year. 


Commissioning date

  • Construction of international airport «Gagarin»

Строительство Западного обхода Саратовского узла Приволжской железной дороги

Construction of Western bypass of the Saratov transport hub of Volgian railway

  • Possibility for increasing of suburban rail within the Saratov city
  • Development of extra volume of cargo traffic via Saratov hub – 46,0 mln tons, including: 30 mil. tons towards Azov-Blacksea harbors
  • Relocation of hazardous cargo traffic

Обеспечение инфраструктурой

Infrastructure supply

Investors are available with solutions on infrastructure supply.

The region has strongly developed gas extraction and supply of residential areas and enterprises, high electricity supportability and available power supply.

Executive agencies of the Saratov region provide an effective assistance on the infrastructure supply procedure.

Non-demanded mineral resources

  • Chalk- and lime-stone 
  • Argillaceous gangue for brick, bloating clay and concrete manufacturing 
  • Grit and sandstone 
  • Balneological, medicinal and table mineral water of high quality 
  • Potassium and magnesium salts 
  • Sulfurs 
  • Phosphorites 
  • Siliceous rocks


POTENTIAL RESOURCES GAS – 1 trn сubic meters OIL – 700 mln tons

Невостребованные запасы минерально-сырьевых ресурсов
Строительные материалы

Construction supplies

At the present day, 440 deposits of construction supplies are defined with 240 deposits manifested. Still, only 327 deposits are explored up to industrial categories. Those deposits are of brick-clay and expanded-clay aggregates, masonry and glass sands, concrete components, masonry stone and chalk, molding materials and sand and grit blends. 

The region possesses a huge reserve for urban development.

Hydrocarbon crude

Saratov part of Caspian oil- and gas-bearing province is characterized by high relative density of anticipated hydrocarbon sources. That particular region possessing high resource potential is the most perspective territory for exploration of oil and gas deposits, drastically increasing the exploration.


by quantity of perspective and anticipated resources. The region expresses a high potential of extraction volume increasing in the nearest future.

Углеводородное сырье
Климатические условия


The Saratov region is the only Russian region joining three environmental zones: woodland-grass, heath and semi-desert. Location in profitable fourth photic zone drastically decrease prime cost of greenhouse complex products. Short duration of winter season in comparison with the Central part of the country allows to decrease costs on heating and lighting of premises, as well as equipment maintenance.

Investors preferences

  • Tax and other benefits
  • Investment tax loan within regional taxation system
  • Subsidies at the expense of regional budget 
  • Investment contract
  • Assistance in funds raising for investment projects via development institutes
  • Provision with objects of regional reserve funds in purpose of securing obligations within investment promotion
  • Consultancy and informational assistance for an investor, methodical and arrangement support within an investment project realization

Режим наибольшего благоприятствования для инвесторов
Инвестиционные площадки

More than 300 of investment areas available





Strategic priorities

  • Chalk- and lime-stone 
  •  Argillaceous gangue for brick, bloating clay and concrete manufacturing 
  •  Grit and sandstone 
  •  Balneological, medicinal and table mineral water of high quality 
  • Potassium and magnesium salts 
  • Sulfurs 
  •  Phosphorites 
  •  Siliceous rocks

Стратегические приоритеты
Направления реализации региональной инновационной политики

Realization of regional innovative policy

  • Active stimulation of present regional enterprises for manufacturing and innovations applying.
  • Stimulation of establishing small regional innovative companies of different are of competence.
  • Funds arising for high-tech regional industries.
  • Development of an effective infrastructure for regional innovative activity support.
  • Increasing of regional innovative culture level and development of “human capital assets”.
  • Informational and law support of establishment and protection of intellectual property.

Инновационные производства

Innovative manufactures

  • Percent of high-tech industries’ products in GRP is 24.8%.
  • 22nd place in the top of innovational active regions (according to the information of National association of innovations and development of informational technologies).
  • High innovative potential of regional enterprises.

Innovative manufactures

  • Quantity of entities using informational and communication resources – 3310.
  • Quantity of specialists on informational and communication technologies by 2015 – 6334.
  •  In view of human and scientific resources analysis the area of informational technology possesses high potential for further development being one of the strategic priorities of the region.

Информационные технологии
Нефтехимический кластер

Oil and gas cluster

Saratov Region is one of the oldest oil and gas producing regions in Russia. It carries out its own oil production with complete subsequent oil refining, which ensures absolute stability and independence of the regional fuel market. The 

Saratov region is the only region where there is an almost complete technological chain of production of PAN composites: from raw materials (acrylic acid nitrile) and fiber materials to carbon fiber. A number of companies are the largest and the only producers of such products.


PJSC “Saratov oil refinery” 

LLC “Saratovorgsintez” 

Balakovo branch of JSC “Apatit“

The region segmentation

  • 27.4% of sofa production
  • 18% of sulfuric acid production
  • 13.3% of bearings production
  • 11.1% of mineral fertilizers production based on 100% of nutrients 
  • 5.3% of synthetic detergents production
  • 3.9 % of electricity production 

На долю Саратовской области приходится
Металлургический кластер

Metalurgical cluster

  • JSC «Balakovo Metallurgical plant» is the first manufacturer of rolled products in the Volga Federal district and the leading enterprise of the electrometallurgical industry in Russia.
  • JSC «Balakovo Centrolit» is a plant where automatic and robotic technological lines for forming and manufacturing rods, conveyors for casting steel operate.  

Транспортное машиностроение

Transport enjineering

  •  JSC «Plant of metal structures». Production of freight rolling stock – 4,500 units per year 
  • JSC “Transmash”. Production of railcars, tracks and snow removal equipment – 2,000 freight cars per year 
  • LLC “Robert Bosch Saratov”. Production of automotive components (spark plugs, mass air flow sensors, etc.) 


Energy industry

6598 MW

Total PGP capacity total, regional consumption – 32% 


The energy hub, consisting of the Saratov HPP, CHPP-4, Balakovo NPP, and the Balakovo branch of JSC Apatit, is one of the largest in the Russian Federation

Balakovo NPP – provides the fifth part of electricity production in the Volga Federal district and the sixth one of the output of all nuclear power plants in the country

Saratov HPP is a major energy facility in the region with an annual output of more than 5.4 billion kWh

Сельское хозяйство в 2021 году

Agriculture in 2018

  • The first place for the production of sunflower among the regions of the Russian Federation (2027,3 thousand tons)
  • The first place for the gross gathering vegetables of open and closed ground among the regions of Privolzhsky Federal District (380, 6 thousand tons), the 6th place in Russia
  • The 3rd place for the gross harvest of grain and leguminous crops among the regions of PFD (3182,2 thousand tons)

Кластер овощей закрытого грунта

Ground-protected vegetables

  • 5 large greenhouses
  • The total area of greenhouses of 101.4 hectares
  • Gross harvest of greenhouse vegetables is 35,9 thousand tons