Large Economic Centre

Saratov Region is a large economic centre due to the synergy of international flows and industrial-innovative systems, which produce and process products with high added value and high demand.

Привлекательность региона

Attractiveness of the region

  • By 2030, the region should be one of the most attractive places in the Volga Federal District and Russia for the development of social infrastructure. 
  • Territorial development will ensure the implementation of various activities for all people in the region.
  • Hospitable business environment will make the region attractive to foreign and domestic investors.

Стратегический приоритет: сильная экономика

Strategic priority: Strong economy

The Saratov Region is the territory of innovations integrated in interregional and international socio-economic space.

High profitability of production with the corresponding budgetary impact provides by developed industry and diversified agro-industries. 

Ключевой элемент процесса реализации стратегии

Key element of the strategy implementation process

Improving the quality of investment development field through interaction with investment companies, private equity funds, banks, investment agencies, russian and international development institutions to use their capacities and opportunities for financing and support investments in the Saratov region.


  • Innovation
  • Chemical complex
  • Information technology
  • Oil and gas complex
  • Industrial complex
  • Agro-industrial complex
  • Construction complex
  • Fuel and energy complex
  • Tourism

Стратегические приоритеты
Объем инвестиций

Investment volume

  • Increase an investment volume from 138.8 billion rubles (2015) to 642.7 billion rubles (2030) (about 4.6 times more).
  • Inclusion into twenty-ranking leaders of the Russian Federation regions on investment and business climate.

Innovative activity

  • Increase of organizations innovation activity from 6.8 per cent (2014) to 15 per cent (2030).

  • There are all necessary conditions for the development of science, technology and innovation in the region, ensuring production of competitive products. First of all these includes high scientific and technical potential of the region, presence of high qualified scientific and engineering staff.

Инновационная активность
Инновационная промышленная продукция

Innovative industrial products

  • Increase the share of innovative products in the total volume of industrial products from 2.4 per cent (2014) to 9 per cent (2030).

  • The main task of the regional scientific-technical and innovation policy is the establishment of a fully fledged innovation system. Priority – the development of high-tech industries.

Development of innovative enterprises

Most enterprises in the region have a high innovative potential, its development is one of the strategic priorities.

Развитие инновационных предприятий
Высокотехнологичная продукция

High-tech products

Achieve the share of high-tech and knowledge-based industries in GRP from 23 per cent to 33 per cent.

Gross regional product

Increase of gross regional product from 606.8 billion rubles (2015) to 2.38 trillion rubles (2030) (increase in comparable prices about 2.17 times more) with an inclusion into the five leaders of the Volga Federal District by per capita value indicator.

Валовой региональный продукт
Объем отгруженной продукции

Volume of shipped goods

Increase volume of shipped goods from 429.9 billion rubles to 1627.3 billion rubles by 2030 through implementing the investment potential of the region, reducing investment risks, attracting strategic investors to the economy and social sector.

Creating favourable business environment

The Saratov Region is the center of attraction the investment, entrepreneurship and transport streams.

Создание благоприятной деловой среды
Развитие туристического потенциала

Tourism development

The development of specialized tourism, creating recognizable tourist brand, which allows twice rising the number of entry tourists to the population by 2030. Increase the attractiveness of the area by providing a high level of services in all sectors of the tourism industry, creating new tourist destinations, development of tourism infrastructure, including the renovation of existing and construction of new health and recreational tourism complexes.