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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a platform for resolving disagreements between the investor and the authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation, local government bodies, authorized organizations in pre-trial proceedings.

Regulations on the Investment Committee under the Regional Governor
Approved by decree of the Regional Governor No. 185 of 06/08/2022.
Investment Committee under the Governor of the Saratovo Region
It includes:
  • Highest official of the subject
  • Representatives of executive authorities in the field of economics, investment policy, industry and energy, agriculture, resource supply organizations, business associations, representatives investors

The Committee guarantees:
  • Resolution of disagreements and disputes between investors in pre-trial proceedings
  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the investor

Pre-trial resolution of controversial issues is the main difference between the investment committee and the previously created investment advice.

Committee meetings are held at least once every two months. The agenda includes issues of interest to investors, proposals for the creation and amendment of regulations in the field of investment.
Representatives of municipalities can participate in the meetings to provide information on the progress of the creation and implementation of investment plans for the development of districts.
Issues related to improving the investment climate, the implementation of investment projects in the region are discussed, proposals for reducing barriers to economic development and best practices for supporting investment activity are considered.
Problem questions can be sent to:
Ministry of Investment Policy of the Saratov Region
Saratov Region Development Corporation
Tsarev Andrey Mikhailovich
Contact person for all questions