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The Saratov region is a modern, dynamically developing region that has a whole set of important competitive advantages.

The simultaneous combination of a favorable territorial location, unique climatic conditions, and an abundance of natural resources creates conditions for the formation of powerful industrial and agricultural potential, favorable business, and production of goods and services.

101,2 thousand km² Square


Russian gateway to Kazakhstan and Central Asia

The length of the state border with the Republic of Kazakhstan is 550 km.

Major transport hub in Russia

The center connecting it with the Urals, Siberia, and Central Asia.

The presence of two international transport corridors “North-South” and “West-East”

Transport corridors in the region contribute to the formation of a multimodal transport hub.

River port
South-Eastern and Volga Railways

9 federal highways

Developed public transport network

International Airport
Volga River - water communication with access to the Caspian, Mediterranean, Baltic and Barents seas

The Saratov region is the only region in Russia that combines three natural and climatic zones: forest-steppe, steppe and semi-desert. The location in the advantageous fourth light zone significantly reduces the cost of production of greenhouse complex products.

The shorter duration of the winter period in comparison with the central part of the country makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of heating and lighting of premises, and maintenance of equipment.

  • -12°C Average temperature in January
  • +33°C Average temperature in June
  • +7,1°C Average annual temperature
  • 540 mm/year Annual precipitation