Investment map

a single window
for the investor

With the help of a single window, investors can implement their project faster

Saratov Region Development Corporation JSC is engaged in the search for investors, their comprehensive support, as well as the promotion of the investment potential of the region at international, national and interregional events.

The main goal of the Corporation is to create comfortable conditions for investors when entering the region. On the territory Thanks to the Corporation, the Saratov Region has a "one-stop shop" mode, which allows you to eliminate any administrative barriers in the way of an investor.


Provides targeted support to investors
Conducts consulting and organizational support of investment projects at each stage of their implementation
Interacts with relevant executive authorities on an operational basis


Step 1

Receipt of a request from an investor
  • Personal meeting
  • Written request
  • Contacting by e-mail

Step 2

Processing an investment request
  • Appointment of a responsible project specialist
  • Clarifying the project parameters

Step 3

Conducting negotiations with the investor
  • Interaction of the specialist with the initiator
  • Organization of investor's interaction with regional municipal executive authorities
  • Organization of interaction with resource-supplying organizations
  • Search for financing
  • Preparation of a written response to the investor

Step 4

Selection of an investment site
  • Greenfield
  • Brownfield
  • Organization of viewing sites in municipalities

Step 5

Investor's decision-making
  • Conclusion of an investment agreement