Success Stories

Modernization of production the spark plugs “Sparta” and organization of production the accelerator pedal module

LLC “Robert Bosch Saratov” realized 2 investment projects on production modernization and organization (Engelssky Municipal District). 

The total volume of investments – 1171,4 million rubles.

Projects of LLC “Robert Bosch Saratov”:

1) Modernization of production the spark plugs “Sparta”.
Realization: 2011-2013. 
Investment – 822,5 million rubles.

The production of spark plugs at the factory in Engels has changed almost entirely in the last 10 years. High-tech equipment is installed and used. Also there is a continuous, multi-level quality control. One way to ensure a high level of products quality is to conclude contracts for the supply of raw materials and materials with international Bosch suppliers.

More than 50 million spark plugs are produced annually, about 60% are exported.

2) Organization of production the accelerator pedal module.
Realization: 2011-2013. 
Investment – 351,5 million rubles.

Concern Bosch started its activities in 1996 in Engels.

Bosch Engels is the largest site of the Bosch Group in Russia. There are about 1500 employees. Its total area is about 191 000 sq. metres, 70 000 sq. metres of it are occupied by production facilities.