Success Stories

Construction of hypermarket for the sail home and garden goods

Project name: Construction of hypermarket for the sail home and garden goods.

Start date of the project – 2015.

Project completion date – 2016.

Investment: 1100 million rubles.

Investor: LLC “Leroy Merlin”.

Number of workplaces: 360.

One of the major investment projects on construction of hypermarket goods at the five main spheres — home, interior, construction materials and garden goods.

“Leroy Merlin” is an international company retailer which specializes in sale of goods for construction, restoration and arrangement of the house, summer house and garden. The total area of Saratov the hypermarket is 16,5 thousand sq.m, with the parking and auxiliary rooms has been constructed. The product range – not less than 30 thousand names.

The company was founded in 1923 in France. The first shop in Russia was opened in 2004. Nowadays, there are 387 shops in the world, 61 shops in Russia, about 820 million euros have been invested in the Russian market. The average area of shops – 10 000 sq.m.

There are more than 16 000 people work in the shops of “Leroy Merlin” at the moment, average 350 people in every shop. Today the company actively develops its business in the Volga Region.

The investment project provides the integration of store with economic and social dynamics of the city and the region. Also there is the possibility of cooperation with local manufacturers.

In the hypermarket “Leroy Merlin” people can purchase products from local producers.

The hypermarket in Saratov became the 57th shop of the “Leroy Merlin” in Russia. 

The project was completed on December 20, 2016.