Success Stories

Creating the production site of bearing rings

Project name: Creating the production site of bearing rings on the ring-rolling installation type RiWa 1600/32 and diamond sawing center for cutting cylindrical rods (Saratov).

Start date of the project – 2012.

Project completion date – 2015.

Investment: 1316.3 million rubles.

Investor: JSC “EPK Saratov”.

Number of workplaces: 59.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Saratov.

The “EPK Saratov” factory was founded in 1941. Production of bearings for design groups:

  • automotive equipment;
  • railway equipment;
  • aviation industry;
  • shipbuilding;
  • nuclear power.
Saratov Bearing Plant enters the European Bearing Corporation from 2007. For two years the enterprise successfully certified compliance with a number of international standards. There are now up to 400 product names, which largely characterize production as unique and competitive.

It takes only 20-80 seconds to produce one product, line performance is 3.6 tons per hour.

“EPK Saratov” is the leader in production of certain bearings types: only the Saratov site produces the subway products, factory is the main supplier of hinged bearing group.

The enterprise introduced 74 type of new nomenclature in 2015, modernized blacksmith production – updated ring-roll line was put into operation.

The “EPK” experience in bearing industry provides an opportunity to offer a full range of services to consumers working in the field of mechanical engineering: from the design and testing of the bearings to production and research after the development of the resource.