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Construction of oil-extraction plant for processing all types oilseeds

Строительство маслоэкстракционного завода по переработке всех видов масличных культур

Project name: Construction of oil-extraction plant for processing all types oilseeds.

Start date of the project – 2012.

Project completion date – 2015.

Investment: 815,8 million runles.

Investor: LLC “Tovarnoye Khozyaystvo”.

Number of workplaces: 30.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Marks.

LLC “Tovarnoye Khozyaystvo” is a dynamic enterprise that has more than 20 years of history in the russian market for sunflower oil producers. The company has a complete recycling cycle: fr om growing sunflower to the bottling of sunflower oil. The area of the plant is 37.9 thousand sq. metres, it is also important to note that LLC “Tovarnoye Khozyaystvo” has 7 thousand hectares of arable land. Natural sunflower oil is sold in almost all regions of the Lower and Middle Volga, Orenburg Region, Republic of Bashkiria, Kazakhstan. It is also exported to Germany, where has the status of a clean and healthy product.

The existing technological scheme for the processing of sunflower was designed to take into account the main objective of obtaining clean, quality sunflower oil.

The sunflower, which is being reprocessed, is grown in its own fields, and the missing is purchased in the territory of the Saratov Region. The sunflower in Volga steppes is harvested earlier and has better quality (lower acid number, less wax) compared to traditional cultivated areas. Consequently, the production of quality oil already begin to be solved on sunflower fields.

The input control laboratory tightly controls the raw materials. Non-conforming lot of sunflower are discarded. Much attention is paid to storage technology. There are deposited seeds purified and dried up to 7% humidity. The firm has modern imported equipment.
The sunflower is stored in silos and mechanized warehouses. The storage temperature is controlled by special equipment

The process of getting oil is also technologically specific to preserve its original useful properties. The sunflower is subjected to moist-hot processing in steam brazier at low temperatures, which retains a nice sunflower smell and allows the obtaining of light oil with a beautiful amber tint. Further oil refining is done only by physical low methods.

The pressed oil is filtered, defended, freezes outed to below-freezing temperatures and continues to be defended. The last round of polishing filtering takes place before the bottling. Two defence cycles and four rounds of filtering guarantee the safety of the entire vitamin complex and the removal of harmful impurities. The chemical analysis of the oil after 14 months of storage proves the efficiency of the chosen cleaning technology. The oil properties remain practically unchanged during the warranty retention period.