Success Stories

Modernization and growth in volumes of production the mineral fertilizers and fodder phosphates

Balakovo Branch JSC Apatit realized 4 investment projects on modernization and increasing production volumes of mineral fertilizers and fodder phosphates (Balakovsky Municipal District).

The total volume of investments – 9453,2 million rubles.  

The number of workplaces created by the implementation of one of the projects is 28.

Projects of Balakovo Branch JSC Apatit:

1) Reconstruction of phosphoric acid plant with capacity increase up to 630 thousand tons per year. 
Realization: 2011-2016. 
Investment – 548,5 million rubles.

2) Modernization and technical re-equipment of production and workshops, construction of a warehouse for liquid ammonia.
Realization: 2013-2015. 
Investment – 4123,0 million rubles.
The number of created workplaces – 28.

3) Modernization and technical re-equipment of production.
Realization: 2013-2014.  
Investment – 3935,0 million rubles.

4) Reconstruction and modernization of production.
Realization: 2010-2013.  
Investment – 846,7 million rubles.

Advantages of Balakovo Branch JSC Apatit:

  • One of Europe’s largest producers of feed phosphates.
  • One of Russia’s largest producers of phosphate fertilisers.
  • Russia’s only producer of feed monocalcium phosphate.
  • Owing to flexible production lines it is possible to transition from the production of one type of fertiliser to another within one or two shifts.
  • The enterprise is located in Saratov Region, in the south of Russia, close to major mineral fertiliser consumers.
  • Balakovo branch of Apatit is the first Russian enterprise to have been certified compliant with the European GMP+ quality control standard for feed materials.
  • The geography of enterprise's products deliveries covers almost the whole world.
In addition to production achievements, the company implements a number of important social projects, including the support of Saratov sports clubs. In addition, under the agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural enterprises receive fertilizer at reduced prices annually.