Success Stories

Organization of production soft-pad sandwich panels

Project name: Organization of production soft-pad sandwich panels in the workshops of the Saratov Aviation Plant.

Start date of the project – 2014.

Project completion date – 2014.

Investment: 611,0 million runles.

Investor: LLC “PirroGroup”.

Number of workplaces: 100.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Saratov.

The predominant technical characteristic of “PirroGroup Saratov” PirroUniversal is density – 31 ± 2 kg/m3.

The production of insulation materials is the most modern line with soft-lining PIR at the moment.

The line is able to produce up to 10 million sq. metres of panels each year.

Due attention has been given recently in Russia to the crucial indicator of energy conservation. LLC “PirroGroup”, producting insulating materials of the highest quality and improving thermal insulation of the various constructions and structures, undoubtedly  making the feasible contribution to this urgent task.

It was opened on December 22, 2014.