Success Stories

Creating a modern resource-saving greenhouse system

JSC “Volga” realized 3 investment projects on the development of a greenhouse complex (Balakovsky Municipal District).

The total volume of investments – 461,8 million rubles.

The number of workplaces created by the implementation of one of the projects is 59.

Projects of JSC “Volga”:

1) Construction of modern resource-saving greenhouses of Venlo type from combined steel and aluminum structures for growing vegetables.
Realization: 2016-2016. 
Investment – 192,0 million rubles.
The number of created workplaces – 30.

2) The construction of a greenhouse block with an area of 2.26 hectares.
Realization: 2012-2014. 
Investment – 141,8 million rubles. 
The number of created workplaces – 27.

3) Reconstruction of the greenhouse with an area of 1.81 hectares.
Realization: 2014-2014.  
Investment – 128,0 million rubles.
The number of created workplaces – 2.

JSC “Volga” was established in 1989.

The area of greenhouses is 16.4 hectares. Nowadays the reconstruction of the old and construction of modern resource-saving greenhouses of Venlo type from combined steel and aluminum structures for growing vegetables has been completed. JSC "Volga" specializes in growing cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and eggplant. In addition, the company grows seedlings of annual flowers and open ground vegetables on an area of 2 hectares.

There is used an intensive low-volume technology for growing vegetables with drip irrigation on a coconut substrate and mineral wool throughout the greenhouse area.

The main competitive advantages of the company's products are its taste, environmental cleanliness and safety.

An important indicator is the taste qualities of products, which are possessed by bee-dusted hybrids of cucumber. Therefore, bees are used for pollination of plants in greenhouses, for which there is an apiary for 550 bee families.

OJSC "Volga" has implemented an investment project on laying intensive gardens. Planted 120 hectares of semi-dwarf type apple orchard of zoned varieties berkutovsky, northern synap, lobo, cortland. Another direction of import substitution was developed at the enterprise is aquaculture, namely the cultivation of valuable fish species in cages.

There was built a reserve watering pond with an area of 0,6 hectares in 2015, equipped with cages, aeration systems and flowing water supply for growing 5,000 heads of valuable fish species, including sterlet and sturgeon. 

The collective of JSC "Volga" faces the task of increasing production volumes to provide the region's inhabitants with clean and safe vegetable, fruit and berry products and fish products.