Success Stories

Construction of a macaroni products factory based on high-tech equipment

Project name: Construction of a macaroni products factory based on high-tech equipment.

Start date of the project – 2009.

Project completion date – 2014.

Investment: 1780,0 million rubles.

Investor: LLC “MakProm”.

Number of workplaces: 150.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Balashovsky Municipal District.

LLC “MakProm” is a member of the SI Group company – leader of the russian pasta and grocery products market. Si group companies include production and distribution companies engaged in the production of macaroni products and cereals under the trademark "Shebekinskie". Also import of macaroni products Maltagliati, Pasta Zara, Marabotto, Pasta Reggia (about 70% of macaroni products import). Spaghetti under the trademark "Shebekenskie" was marked with a prestigious award of Russian "Quality Mark" in 2016.

The group's companies have been disbanding the most popular italian macaroni products "Maltagliati" in Russia Since 1993. Distribution of pasta "Pasta Zara" since 1999. Si Group is exclusive distributor of these macaroni products and co-owner of the trademark "Maltagliati" on the territory of Russia since 2000.

Experience with italian pasta manufacturers including outsourcing at italian factories was invested in its own production project under the trademark "Shebekinskie", which established the italian lines for production of macaroni products of all three major types: long, curly (short) and special formats. As a result, macaroni products were created from the best russian grain of hard varieties closest to italian quality.

The mill-macaroni complex "Makprom" has been in work since 2012, producing macaroni flour and wide range of macaroni products under the trademark "Shebekinskie".

High-tech production was able to reach full capacity just in four years (2016). Operation format is most optimal – automated and robotic, reserve of capabilities at least for 50 years.

Makprom uses italian technology and operates strictly in special regulations and standards.

The company has 3 macaroni production lines of the italian company with a capacity of 100 tonnes per day. They are made up Group A macaroni products (from solid wheat) and (from baking flour).

A mill with equipment from the Italian firm "Okrim" with elevator of 8,000 tonnes one-time grain storage has been put into operation.

The capacity of mill production makes it possible to provide raw materials for both in-house production and Tula and Belgorod macaroni products factories.

The manufacturing capacity of the macaroni products factory is 80,000 tons per year. There were produced 63,8 thousand tonnes of macaroni products (145%) and 59,4 thousand tonnes of macaroni flour (108%) in 2015.