Success Stories

Construction of a multifunctional trade and entertainment complex “Tau Gallery”

Project name: Construction of a multifunctional trade and entertainment complex “Tau Gallery”.

Start date of the project – 2013.

Project completion date – 2015.

Investment: 2439,0 million rubles.

Investor: JSC TH "TC-Povolzhye".

Number of workplaces: 2000.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Saratov.

"Tau Gallery" is the largest trade and entertainment complex – more than 100 thousand sq. metres. The new complex works with well-known international and federal trade operators representing new brands, as well as multiplex cinema, food and sports hypermarkets, an electronics store, series of fashionable galleries, perfume and cosmetics stores and much more.

The new trade and entertainment complex has focused on the improvement of the surrounding area. With its opening a new recreation area was established, located in the centre of the Leninsky District, which was deficient in such complexes.