Success Stories

Construction and renovation of poultry workshops

ООО «Возрождение-1»

Project name: Construction and renovation of poultry workshops to increase gross production of eggs up to 37 million per year.

Start date of the project – 2015.

Project completion date – 2017.

Investment: 303.8 million rubles.

Investor: LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1”.

Number of workplaces: 41.

The project was implemented in the territory of the Tatishchevsky Municipal District.

Increasing the incubation egg production by strengthening and expanding the logistics base LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1” on two production sites: LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1” (Idolga Village) and Site LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1” (Zorinskiy). The output to the project capacity planned in 2017.  Prognostic tax payments for three years from the start of the project – 148 million rubles, including local payments – 41 million rubles.

There was reconstructed and put into operation house #9, a set of poultry equipment was installed for the maintenance of the repair youngsters production of LLC Hartmann (Germany) – on the site of the LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1” (Zorinskiy).

The following works were carried out on the site of LLC “Vozrozhdeniye-1” (Idolga Village): workshop #25, #26 and #27 – put in operation, cellular equipment installed (manufacturer is “Specht” – Germany); sanitary inspection room – completed construction and installation works, produced internal finishing buildings, reconstruction of a water tower, a water-purification system installation, connection of diesel-generator set, two transformer substations of the internal site networks. The reconstruction of the gas and electricity system and construction of the maintenance building has been completed.

The project was completed in April 2017.