Success Stories

Construction of a line of low-emission glass (coating workshop)

Строительство линии низкоэмиссионного стекла (цех нанесения покрытий)

Project name: Construction of a low-emission glass line (coating shop)
Project start: September 2016
Completion of the project: March 2018
Investor: JSC "Saratovstroysteklo"
Amount of investments: 1.7 billion rubles
Number of jobs created: 23
The purpose of the investment project is to expand the range of products - the production of energy efficient glass. The coating workshop will allow the production of glass with a single layer (one silver layer) SLE and a two-layer DLE coating in tempering and non-tempering versions. Such glasses are widely used in buildings for various purposes and vehicles. The technology allows you to "return" 70-90% of heat waves to the room, significantly reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning