Success Stories

Meat slaughterhouse and refrigeration construction

Строительство мясохладобойни

Project name: Meat slaughterhouse and refrigeration construction

Project start: 2018

Completion of the project: June 2020

Investor: LLC/LLP «Pig complex Khvalynsky» (part of the holding «KoPITANIYA»)

Amount of investment: 891.2 million rubles

Number of jobs created: 220

The plant, fitted with modern equipment, consists of workshops for the production, processing, packaging, cooling and storage of products. The implementation of the project made it possible to produce meat for retail sale at the enterprise, semi-finished meat products and offal. The production capacity will be 21 thousand tons of meat per year. The presence of a local producer of meat products will reduce the price for the consumer and provide locals with quality food.