Strategic priority: Strong economy

The output of competitive products and production services to the priority industrial markets by:

  • Incorporation into global production chains (e.g., listing and distribution of component segments, production of microwave devices (a growing Russian market of the closed type and foreign in armament systems); electrical equipment (growing Russian market); specialized measuring equipment (a growing global market of the open type); gas detectors.
  • Establishment of a regional innovation system that provides a fully fledged structure for the commercialization of innovative solutions (technologies and products) in the real sector of the economy using scientific capabilities through the formation and development of clusters, technology parks, innoparks, centres of excellence, young innovation centres, "superiority centres" in biotechnology, information and communication technologies, phototechnology (optoelectronics and laser technologies), robotics, environmentally clean vehicles, etc.
  • The process of import in the production of consumer and manufacturing goods, technology in the territory of the region and the Russian Federation.
  • Development of new prospective segments in the world and Russian markets (fuel and energy products, production facilities, medical products, IT, software production).
  • Development of competitive production complexes (microwave electronics, railway rolling stock, etc.).
  • The establishment of high-economic and social development areas (Petrovsky, Krasnopartizansky districts), the special economic zone in the Engelssky district.
  • Developing integrated production cooperation with the further formation of the regional high-tech clusters network, including industries with value-added reserves (metallurgical cluster, transport engineering cluster, chemical and petrochemical cluster, gas equipment cluster).
  • The formation and development of large cluster-based companies, which will provide an opportunity to reduce the barriers to growth, substantially increase financial support for innovative projects at an early stage, attract investors to create new high-tech industries that can deliver products (services) with fundamentally new qualities.
  • Best available technologies, saving resources, cleaner production and processing of raw materials, the transition to modern raw materials and fuels, as well as the development of energy based on alternative and renewable sources of energy, which will be the most important factor in innovative development in related sectors, including power engineering, and the economy as a whole.
  • The modernization of the commodity sectors through innovative programmes of large companies that will provide impetus for the creation of technology platforms in the energy sector and cooperation with leading international companies.
  • The rational development of new and the exploitation of existing deposits, combined with the use of mineral and industrial wastes, to produce the necessary quantity of building materials and products of a wide range, including the requirements of world standards.