Investment map

Factory for the production of LED lamps

Завод по производству светодиодных светильников
  • Place of implementation: Saratov, Sokolovy river, Stolypin Industrial Park.
  • Transaction form: rent without bidding with the right of redemption.
  • Form of ownership: municipal property.
  • Infrastructure: gas supply – 15.6 mln m3/year, electricity – 25 MW, water supply - 3000 m3/hour, wastewater disposal – 2400 m3/day, wastewater disposal – 13000 m3/day.
  • The volume of investments: from 1 billion rubles.


  • The need to save energy resources
  • An increase in the share of LED lamps in the Russian market due to a decrease in the share of lamps with traditional light sources
  • Low competition of manufacturers in the domestic market, ensuring import substitution (the share of imports is about 70%, Chinese-made lamps occupy from 80% to 90% in the import structure)

Competitive advantages:

  • Availability of vacant industrial-type land
  • Preferential taxation for residents of the industrial park
  • Advantageous transport and geographical location to ensure a market for products, including for export
  • Availability of highly professional personnel in the region. 
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