Need for Investment
Объекты, предлагаемые к реализации АО "ДОМ.РФ"

Objects proposed for sale by JSC "DOM.RF"

  • Place of implementation: Saratov region
Медицинская клиника с научно-исследовательской базой

Medical clinic with a research base

The surgical clinic will allow you to perform routine robotic, endoscopic, surgical operations using high-tech equipment. Place of implementation: Engels
Volume of investments: 1, 2 billion rubles.
Project payback: 8 years
Предприятие по убою КРС и свиней (убойный цех)

Enterprise for cattle and pig slaughter (slaughter)

  • Production of high-quality products corresponding to russian and international standards and enjoys a high demand on the market.
  • High level of production automation, using the latest high-productivity technologies.
  • Investment required – 29.7 million rubles. 

Инвестиционный проект "Открытая ферма"

Open farm

Tourist hotel open farm far from the bustle of the city, outdoor activities, horseback riding, participation in public holidays.
City: Saratov Region
Volume of investments: 800 million rubles
Строительство частной бизнес-школы «Лидер»

Construction of a private business school "Leader"

The mission is to enable capable and motivated children from all over the region to receive a world-class quality education with an economic focus. Unleash their intellectual and creative potential.
City: Saratov
Volume of investments: 800 million rubles
Duration: 2020-2021
Project payback: 5 years
Запуск мелкосерийного производства светильников для аквариумов

Zapusk melkoseriynogo proizvodstva svetil'nikov dlya akvariumov Launch of small-scale production of aquarium lights

Place of implementation: Saratov region Volume of investments: 15 million rubles. First batch production time: 14 weeks
Строительство отелей и апартаментов Мельница Шмидта

Construction of hotels and apartments Mill Schmidt

The investment project provides for the restoration of the historic Schmidt Mill building with the placement of a business-class hotel and business complex.
Place of implementation: Saratov
Volume of investments: 4 billion rubles.
Строительство завода по переработке макулатуры в бумагу и картон мощностью 60 тонн  в сутки

The construction of a plant for processing waste paper in paper and paperboard with a capacity of 60 tons per day

  • The volume of investments is 150-200 million rubles
  • The construction period of the plant is 1.5 - 2 years
  • Payback period - 3 years from the date of commissioning of the project
  • The total duration of the project is 4.5 - 5 years
Создание высокопроизводительного промышленного производства по выпуску экспортно-направленной линейки продукции на основе глауконитов Саратовской области

Creation of high-performance industrial production for the production of export-oriented product line based on glauconites of the Saratov region

Initiator of the investment project: LLC "Ecosorbent". Total land area: 29 423 sq. m The volume of investments: 500 million rubles