Investment card

Need for Investment
Организация производства газового оборудования

Organization of gas equipment production

  • Place of implementation: Saratov.
  • Transaction form: search for a co-investor.
  • Form of ownership: private property.
  • Infrastructure: the site is equipped with engineering infrastructure.
  • Investment volume: from 500 million rubles

Объекты, предлагаемые к реализации АО "ДОМ.РФ"

Objects proposed for sale by JSC "DOM.RF"

  • Place of implementation: Saratov region
Строительство отелей и апартаментов Мельница Шмидта

Construction of hotels and apartments Mill Schmidt

The investment project provides for the restoration of the historic Schmidt Mill building with the placement of a business-class hotel and business complex.
Place of implementation: Saratov
Volume of investments: 4 billion rubles.